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Sunday …..

Nice Snatch peeps!!

First Weightlifting Seminar!! Huge success today.. everybody loved it! BIG thanks to Ove Lillemann!!! Beginner WOD introduced a lot of newbies to our CrossFit world. Congrats to everybody, you took on the challenge. Workout of the Day 100 Burpees for time. Every minute on the minute 4 OHS with 20kg/15kg  

WOD Deck of Cards (incl Box Jumps, Bulgarian twist, Squats, Lunges)   HEAVY WOD touched new floor tonight!     We will start our Saturday morning with the Lifting course from 10am – 1pm. Everyone who is not on this weekend has the opportunity to join next Sat. Come in and talk to us and…
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BEAUTIFUL DAY WOD 10-20-30-30-20-10 Double unders Sit ups Between each round complete: 1 Hand Farmers walk to the fence  32/24kg 200 m run 1 Hand Farmers walk back 32/42 kg   4 Burpees punishment for breaks on the Farmers Walk.

WODen 3X 4 min AMRAP start each AMRAP with a 400 m sprint then conmplete as many rounds as possible of 6 Power Cleans 60/40 + Front Squat 6 Box Jumps Fantastic «Hell Sprints» as a buy out!   The beginner class today was one of the best ones we ever had. People pushed themselves…
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WOD Modified «Lynne» 5 Rounds of Max rep of: Push ups (change up within 10 sec) Pull ups   4 min break in between the sets!    


Warm up à la Cecilie 🙂 BIG THANKS! You fit perfectly in our team…great to have you here! WOD – 20 min time cap! Buy in: 10 TGU  ( 5 each arm) 24kg/16kg   21 – 15 – 9 Deadlift 80kg/60kg KB Swing 32kg/24kg WB 10kg/6kg   Buy out: 100 Double Unders / 300 Singles…
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Open Gym

«Every day you have to test yourself. If you don’t, it’s a wasted day.»

Warm up 400 m 2x Medball Situps  x 10 Rolls x 10 Throws x 10 then… Wheel barrows x4   3 x 200 m relay each   PARTNER WOD 22 min AMRAP 2 Wall climbs 7 UP & downs 5 Pass throughs ( back and forward) 8 Body length jumps     Impressive Beginner WOD…
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It’s Friday !

Crossfit love WOD; Randy – 75 Power Snatch 35/25