Wednesday : Dirty Thirty

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I planned a light workout for today.

Almost something we could have had at Bring A Friend.

Thirty repetitions of ten different movements.

Gabor had the morning class.

László told me with a sarcastic smile : “han holder klass på norsk”.

And I constantly receive this kind of message :

True, Gabor is awesome : strong, handsome, fast, “så flink på norsk” and has a lot of positive reviews on his Pornhub account… and yet he is my nemesis! 😝

But I’m not jealous (or just a little) because during the last Open he saw that the French was better. He knows. He can give me all the cinnamon liquor shots that his bar offers it won’t change that fact. #InYourFace #GulashAintMakeYouStronger #AlphaNationMyAss

So I had a lot of time during my warm up then I decided to make the hell combo.

Lots of stuff : rowing & hang, accessory work for the shoulders, game, tabata for the core.

Henke, Eline and Helle joined the wod.

That makes me happy when “the cool kids” who train out of classes come.

At 18 Lena had her Sprint Class.

The weather was great even though a bit windy.

And from 19 Robin took the classes.

Was great to watch his warm up.

He started the class earlier, stopped the music and made them run 😂 then did a lot of barbell practice and said “I’m a weightlifter so we don’t do burpees” to which Lars Olav answered “I love this coach better”! 😂

Kos dere på 17/05. 🇳🇴🤴🏻👸🏼🎊

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