Tuesday : Manion Team 2

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Manion is a Hero wod.

Obviously something more challenging than any other classic workouts.

That’s the idea behind this kind of wod and also remembering someone who fell for the freedom of the USA by fighting somewhere like Iraq or Afghanistan.

The USA which is the best country in the world with the best politics, the best health care and welfare system, the best food etc… and which gave us CrossFit.

Ok forget everything I just wrote and just keep : USA > CrossFit > 😃👌🏻

Of course this morning they said : “Running?!”, but it was such a lovely day today! ☀️

I really liked the mixed team with the portative rack facing each other’s.

So what else happened today… Hmm let me see. Robin had his class in a cool atmosphere as usual.

Jokkis was eating as usual.

The Strong Girls Gang was in a Ring Muscle Up meeting as everyone seems to believe that this movement is going out in 18.3 👊🏻

So was Henriette on her side few hours before.

And Tim and Helge were also discussing what would be the next move from Dave Castro while waiting for Camilla to finish her workout so Tim could train as well! #FamilyLogistic

Then Ove had the late classes with technic in his warm up.

Flere innlegg