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This is Crossfit

En verden full av sykdom og sinnslidelser

Hilde sendte snap og sa hun følte seg litt pjusk 😳 Hilde er aldri syk så hun ble sendt rett hjem. Meg og Oda tok timene hennes. Jonas sendte snap og sladret på Hilde 😆 Firat snappet og sladret på hvorfor vi bare har 3 ski erger som virker 😱 To 🤡🤡 som prøver få…
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Wednesday: Wow Air variation

Cant fake the fit

Tuesday: Detention

DAILY MINDSET from COMPTRAIN “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.” – Steven Hawking One of the largest dangers in life is a closed mind. The scariest part: we often don’t even realize it’s even happening. It’s never done on purpose. It’s how our mind operates by default.…
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Monday: Rugrats

Three more «normal» wods before the 5 weeks of our fitness festival so called the Open. Twice a week we will have these workouts in a different format as we usually do. Every Friday and Monday the classes will last 1h30 with 18 people who can join. So we can have more time to warm…
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Friday: BFF

Team 2 today with some unusual movements in a surprise mode. Coach Sofie came with the idea that each team would pick a ball with a number and do the movement it represent when they reach surprise. That was brilliant. Even though the weather gets chilly it is really enjoyable to be outside in the…
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Thursday: Underbelly

«In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get…
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Wednesday: Miracle-Gro

When I started CrossFit, on the wall of my first box was written in big letters «PREPARE FOR THE UNKNOWN & UNKNOWABLE». Since I’ve been working for Snorre and that quote has been my mantra 😂 Made my morning spicy 🌶 #perFEKT But what would we do without Snorre 😂 Incredible Geir today with 85kg…
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Tuesday: Ecod

I am way to tired to write the blog. Here is the daily mindset from Comptrain: “Action is the fundamental key to all success.” – Picasso There is no substitute for action. This is not breaking news. Everyone has big plans. Big aspirations. The blueprint to “get there”. As integral as it is to have…
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Monday: Snake Bite

I love this kind of day when we practice weightlifting and finish with a fast 21-15-9. Big focus on the snatch and many PR during the day. From the one I’ve seen and/or by their results on BTWB, congratulations to: Francisco, Magnus (back for a week from the army and strong as a ox!), Elice,…
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Friday: Gut Feeling

«Greatness isn’t sexy […] it is the dirty, hard work that is often very boring». – Joshua Medcalf Chop wood carry water Come by Bryggen tomorrow to cheer and support. The Secret Games will start at 10:00.