Wednesday: Tromsø

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Started out the day by coming early since Thierry is back.

It’s always a lot to do after 4/5 days of being alone as a coach.

We are not just coaches.

Thierry got rid of all the garbage and answered a ton of mails.

I vacuumed and fixed up the barbell room.

(When I left the box 12 hours later it looked like shit again😫)

You are not champions in tidiness.

That’s for sure 🙈

The wod was like a variation of my 100/100 workout.

100 push press and 50 strict pulls in 15 minutes 😱

That was a tough cocktail.

Nobody made it Rx. 😂😂😂

But you tried.

The early classes got lucky.

It was raining.

Running in the rain is good for our image 😎

The board:

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