Wednesday: The Press and Annie.

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If you did well on both workouts, then you are the “Jack of all trades”. Double Unders is a trick. Learn the trick, and you are an expert. Pressing heavy shit above your head is not a trick. It’s pure strength. Strength takes time.

Talking about Jack 😜 When we changed the programming into a more competitive direction Jack Li was not happy 😡 He wanted the more old school approach. Hard solid workouts. Not snatch practice 🏋️ followed by a 12 minute WOD. Today he said ; “Thanks to all the DU’s we had I could finish “Annie” today 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Variation is good. Practicing new skills are the only way to learn and move forward. The best approach to strength are simple movements. I could go on. Let’s do it all 😎

Ps Double unders can be frustrating.

Olympic Weightlifting with Lena was really cool today. Lena showed her class how to do the almost forgotten “Split Snatch”. You have to old like me to know that it even existed🤣



The strict overhead press is also something you have to be old to remember. It used to be the third Olympic lift !!! The clean and Jerk , The Snatch, and The Press. We lost something when they took it away. Pure strength got downgraded in a way. The art of pressing stuff over head forgotten and the less functional Bench Press took over in everyday training. Both presses are good. But if you can’t master the strict press then forget about weightlifting , thrusters and all the fancy stuff.

Lenas back looks good when she presses. She proves that lifting heavy stuff makes girls look great😍Not bulky and fat.

The board ;

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