Wednesday: Ragnarök

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Lot of hugs yesterday at CrossFit Bryggen.

It feels great to be back at work.

I know Snorre would be like “this guy is obsessed by work!”

But when you get lazy it’s very easy to keep being and the sooner you break this cycle the better it is.

So decision > movement > happiness.

This period of the year is always a bit special.

Time to think what you’ve done so far and what you’d like to do next.

What’s your next challenge?

It’s the end of something and the beginning of something else.

In that, I like the concept of Apocalypse or Ragnarök in the Nordic mythology.

Cause after everything perishes, life rise again.

That’s the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of life.

A dramatic allegory 🌙☀️

This is why I called the workout this way.

It was made as a long fight: you and the dumbbell in 12 different movements for a “12 days of” like which usually come during Christmas 🎄

Long as for every round you would start with an extra movement and then when you check the clock time would fly!

Congratulations to Marcus, Petter, Johanne, Lina, Gard, Marina, Lena, Aril for their different PR yesterday.

Thank you Stian for the renovation of the black board!

And thanks to everyone for your good words for my birthday: it warmed my heart! ❤️


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