Wednesday: Power wheels

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I had the last class today. Eleven girls ! I told Rakan to go home. He said : “Never” 😂

We did our best with this difficult lift.

Then the 3×3 min workout 🏋️‍♀️ After round one they told me : “This is the most boring workout at Bryggen EVER” Ha ha … I’m glad I did not make it😅

I know you members talk a lot about what ever happens at Bryggen. But did you know we also talk about you ? 😱😂

Bettine told me something funny after class. She had studied to her exam with her friend at Askøy. This crazy person was playing the trumpet next door. And it never stopped!!! They had to put on air phones. Then Bettine showed her this ->

And her friend said : “Ohh my God. That’s my neighbor” 😂😂😂

At Friday the gym will be closed. Gabor is coming early to vacuum the place. At 12.00 the tables , chairs and everything will be delivered. We have to build a stage and lots of stuff. Feel free to come by and help for some hours. I need help 🙏🏻


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