Wednesday: “Open workout” in 2012 and 2013

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Every form of fitness has the same problem. Who is the fittest person on the planet ? In the good old days you could watch Royce Gracie fight anybody in the UFC. It was like a childhood debate that came to life. Who kicks ass ? Karate 🥋 or Wrestling 🤼‍♀️. Boxing 🥊 or judo. It was great 👍🏻

On brain dead places like “Norwegian Atletic Forum” the blind leads the deaf in these debates. Greg Glassman knew this would happen so he created “The CrossFit Games” Anybody can qualify. Athletes from any sport can give it a shot. And the price money is huge !!! The first step on your way to be crowned “The fittest on earth” is the internet qualifier” : The CrossFit Open. Today we did one of the past workouts.

Thor Haakon was in the lead all day. He is the man to beat these days 🙂 But then came Mikus. Mikus did one repetition more. Celine ruled among the girls.

Since the wod lasted 12 minutes we did some strength work. Being strong is not a trick. It demands hard work over time, and the willingness to lift, push,drag,press really heavy and hard. We talked about it, and did it 🙂 Since making the “lifts” are the most important part of strength training, it involves a lot of rest. Most of the training is waiting for the time to pass actually.

Biceps curls are forbidden 🚫 but can and will be done secretly 😂😂😂

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