Wednesday: Mr Sterbinszky !

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I'm trying to introduce the trainers at CF Bryggen for everybody. This time the blog goes to Gabor Sterbinszky. He came to us from CrossFit Duna in Hungary. He will be having classes at Bryggen. (Picture of Johanne, is girlfriend, down in the corner. (Gabor said she would not be to happy getting her picture on the blog so ……. sorry Johanne 😜)

Gabor is very different from me. He likes long warmups, and he is picky. I think that's gonna work out great 🙂

Since it was Sterbinszky's day, he also had to make the workout. It's a mark of quality when a trainer can make solid wods. Not just copy others work. It was a great wod. Lots of happy people today 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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