Wednesday: Long haul

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So this is my friend Aksel. Aksel doesn’t worry about what other people think. He actually likes to keep his surroundings guessing. It can be stressful 😅

Today he decided to bring his daughter to crossfit and join the class.

I could blog about Mr Fugelli the rest of the year but I think his daughter would appreciate if I didn’t 😆 She’s buying a month now and wants a clean start.

Ehhhh I can tell you this much. He got me in trouble in Brazil. Some criminal wanted to shoot me with a machine gun !!! Aksel though it was funny 😅

Later he took his family to Brazil. Trying to get discounted theatre tickets he pulled the old “flash your boobs and rub your nipples against the window” trick. The woman behind the counter though it was funny but when he turned around his whole family was gone 😂😂

Aksel’s father was a very cool guy 😎 One if his books is titled: “Don’t give a shit. Get a better life”

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