Wednesday: “Josh”

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In 2011 me and and a guy from New Zealand 🇳🇿 opened CrossFit Bryggen. We called it “This is CrossFit” but nobody could remember the name, so I changed it when Hamish left.

My friend Geir ran a recording studio. Not wanting to be a pop star anymore he was now writing songs and recording albums for others.

The members was tired of listening to music from a “boom blaster” 😂😂so he lent me some nice studio speakers and amplifier. We broke them playing to loud 😫

In the US Sigrid got sponsored by NIKE. Geir being the manager and all, got told he would get stuff too. But no, Geir got the “Nocco deal” some shirts and socks. That’s it 😜

At Made Management they cant stop laughing about Geir’s shitty deal , so they made him a shirt. He wore the shirt on his first workout at Bryggen.

Now you are thinking 🤔 Whattafuck has this got to do with anything???

Well shut up and I’ll tell you 😜

Maybe Barry’s got Kygo , but we got Geir 😂😂😂 ….. and it was a nice little story.

The “Nocco gang” was working out hard in the barbell room.

The “buy your own Nutramino gang” was working out hard also , but no pictures of that. Just the board shows they even exist 😜

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