Wednesday: “Jeremy”

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Today was a great day, but I sort of regret starting a blog war with Thierry. Well it’s going to be a great battle , but now it’s late and I don’t really wanna spend the rest of my awake time blogging 😫

I can give you some fun facts instead.

It takes aprox 45 hours to clean all our barbells.

The new “musematte” in the office is really sexist, but I got it as a christmas present from Lena 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

My New Years resolution is : Squat every Monday Wednesday and Friday in 2018.

My legs are less muscular than Sara’s ( That really really really sucks 😫 )

You are more likely to get a head injury when you are walking than when you are riding a bike.

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