Wednesday : HSW & Jump Ship

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Wednesday is practice/skill day and today was about Hand Stand Walk.

This movement is the funniest one for me and if you check my Facebook you know I love it!

Remember that time when you were a kid when you were always going upside down?

What happened there?

We grew up, we started to sit down on a chair, became “sofagris”, got scared of either looking ridiculous or getting hurt.

The magic was gone.

We have to reconquer that amazing tool that is our own body, master movements and let the inner child inspire us more often.

Snorre had most of the classes today and I guess it was quite challenging for him to teach this movement!

But he told me people were happy and he is the coolest guy in Bergen so 😜

Today’s wod was “light” but was definitely burning the legs with the jumping lunges after rowing or biking.


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