Tuesday: Fun team two

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Today’s workout was supposed to be a one man (or girl:) WOD

Roland changed it into A team workout. Doubled the reps (and the intensity for most). Made it more fun also.

Not that every training has to be fun. But it helps

For top athletes boring can be fun , cause dreaming big makes it worth it. For people like me , just wanting to stay in shape. To much struggle is out out the question. I’m not willing to push my self hard , cause I don’t give a shit about winning 😜

Team two fixes that problem. All of a sudden you a locked to your partner. Forced to do your part.

Me and Oda did the wod. The team had a 30 years age did difference !! It’s important for different generations to spend time together doing something useful.

Most of the time an age gap like that means you are the parent or the teacher, and that’s not the same at all.

Ove thinks weightlifting is fun. Being good at something will often make you like doing it. Then it’s also fun doing the boring stuff. Like practicing splits without the bar.

The girls at Bryggen keeps impressing me. When I grew up girls was supposed be skinny pretty and useless. Something pretty to look at. Now they are strong and cool, and not so hung up in who’s looking. At least at Bryggen they are. I’m not saying the pressure of being loved at Instagram is not there. Or that make up sales will take a dive. But still ….. it’s getting better.

The board :

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