Wednesday : Fortitude

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This is true CrossFit.

EMOM format is what we have as best in our sport, I believe.

You have a number of reps to do and a minute for it.

Fortitude is a mental game because of its duration.

It becomes you against yourself.

So you’d better burn the questions as says Julien Pineau, former coach at CrossFit Invictus, or shut your brain down.

You should be in your own world to succeed this workout.

Because Fortitude is really long : half a hour of rowing and burpees.

I gave some tips today which were :

  • Don’t strap your feet : I discovered this smart move (a bit too late for me) with our beasts during the 18.1
  • Tempo for women should be ~1000 cal/hr
  • Tempo for men should be ~ 1200 cal/hr
  • Don’t look at the clock so not to be desperate by how much is still to be done

Then some crazy people went running sprint outside at night.

Probably a sadomasochist group.

By the way, we finally received the tee-shirts CF Bryggen! 🎉

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