Wednesday: Drammen

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If there is no last minute trouble while I write these lines, we will open the new barbell room for training tomorrow! 🚧

It won’t be completely finished but you will be able to enjoy the new space and racks in the former office/coffee place.

We are all very excited about this project and fortunately we will keep going on trying our best to improve the CrossFit Bryggen overall.

Huge big up to Jonas, Rakan and Snorre who spent hours working there 👏🏻

From early in the morning until late when most of us were sleeping.

I’m personally very proud to be part of this gym.

As a trainer, which is a dream I wouldn’t even dare dreaming about before and that came true and as a member training there myself.

I’m over enthusiastic I know.

Probably because I’m very emotional or French or because I’m having wine while writing this 🍷🇫🇷

Everything is possible 😂

The best is yet to come ⭐️


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