Wednesday: “Double Header” variation

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No matter what you are trying to sell girls work better. Guys buy more magazines about cars if you put a girl on the hood 🤓 (Not a big surprise, we are monkeys 🐒

What’s more surprising is that magazines for girls also sell better if you put a girl on it 🧐

Anyways…. Bryggen don’t wanna miss out. It’s just gonna be girls from now on.

Say hello to our new coach Emilie Markhus. She is a girl 👧

Here she is running Baywatch like during the warm up. It looks a thousand times better than if I did the same. I’m guessing we are going to sell “sommertilbud” like crazy now 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Girls with their arms up in the air.

And hot chicks on bikes 🚲

Bryggen Bodybuilder Club are not idiots. Squats and Bench Press will not make the Blog. What you need is a girl !!! Preferably in pink with fluffy hair 👍🏻 BANG!!! made the blog 😎

Monica read yesterday’s blog and ran over to Torshov Sport to print a new “Bryggen shirt “👚

Both Monica and Chona are girls so I’m guessing the sales will fly trough the roof!!! 😜

Ohhhh … and remember the yoga class on Saturday. It’s held by a girl off course.

Me and Monica visited CrossFit Kystby today and guess what!!! Everything was just like at Bryggen. People goofing around when the coach tried to explain the workout 😅🤷‍♀️

Happy friendly people working out together.

Girls taking pictures of girls for promotion.

The only difference was that our Champion girl is only half size compared to Kystby’s 😂

Big thanks 🙏🏻 to Isabel at CrossFit Kystby for taking good care of us. We really had a good time at Sotra today ❤️


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