Wednesday : AMRAP Ladder DLBOB

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If you have no CrossFit knowledge and just read the title of the blog you would probably say “think the guy just pass out on his keyboard”.

So to explain these random looking like letters.

Once again this workout is a come back.

I have to confess that this is a week of comeback.

An AMRAP over 15 minutes is quite tough so the goal was to find a good pace and keep moving.

Not a sprint.

I know I repeat this a lot but you can’t work going in the red and then stare at your bar/shoes for 30″ and repeat this again.


Put this in your mind!

Marina, Kari & Bettine were impressive today.

Dush doesn’t like the burpees or it’s the burpees that don’t like him.

Need to figure this out.

Francisco and Lars Jørgen did a great job too.

Atle fought until the end and that’s the attitude to have! Be proud! 👊🏻

And the rain was back today.

Heavy rain and I loved it.

So now you think “how can he loves the rain?!”

But Bergen without rain is like “love without a woman or cheese without bread or a luggage without a handle” as said once my step dad to me.

Yes in his mind this is all connected somehow with the exact same value.

Björn, Rune-Alexander and Lars-Jørgen in a CrossFit Total synchro session.

Now it’s time for me to relax a bit after 9h spent at CrossFit Bryggen so I will have a glass of wine.

I realize that I slowly become an alcoholic CrossFiter or most probably a French man doing CrossFit.

Yeah let’s say that : undeniably French.


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