Wednesday : 100 KB Snatch for time

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Jokkis passed the door of the office and asked me :

  • Is it Snorre’s wod?
  • No it’s mine.
  • But it’s boring!

Well yeah Snorre has not the monopoly on boring! 😂

First part was a bit of practice of Handstand Push Ups or similar.

Many variations were possible such as Strict Press with KB, wall walks, holding upside down along the wall, doing a HSPU in negative…

Anything to make our shoulders stronger!

Hallgeir succeed to make his first Kipping HSPU. 👌🏻

Then as last part we had a 2 minute AMREPs of sit-ups.

Thor-Håkon showed us he was the best this day. Impressive work. 👊🏻

The bored… sorry I mean the board!

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