Tuesday: The Undertaker

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I’ve said many times: “Don’t like deadlifts in a wod. To risky”

BUT! You know what’s more dangerous? Not lifting.

Started out with 1000m Row. It’s 100 light deadlifts.

Then we did deadlifts. Is it possible to hurt your back doing it ? Yes off course. Anything is possible.

I’ve said this many times before also. The girls at “Bryggen” are total animals.

Back to the danger talk. “Lifting heavy with bad technique is bad” But is it ???

Taking the birth control pill can be bad for girls. But is it bad ?

Should we not recommend it ? Maybe they don’t follow the prescription 🤷🏻‍♂️ Could they end up pregnant instead of not pregnant? 😱

-I’m guessing most girls would prefer loosing the right to vote before loosing the right to pill.

Next time somebody says : “Ohhhh CrossFit is so dangerous. Lifting heavy stuff with bad technique bla bla bla bla bla.

Well , what about this way of looking at it ?

Crossfit is at the bottom of the list regarding injuries. Football, handball and cross country skiing at the top. Like 100 times more dangerous ! The three sports we love, and encourage our children to do.

Moore animals. Jumping this time.

Do we recommend lifting with proper form ? -Yes. It’s safer and more efficient.

Is it safer to bicycle with a helmet ? -Yes , anything is safer with a helmet.

What’s the stupidest thing you can do ? -Not lifting.

( Followed by denying your daughter birth control pills and driving your son to football practice 😜

This guy has been at Bryggen long enough to understand what’s going on. He is looking straight forward minding his own business. The rabbit next to him looks cute , but she is an animal. One wrong move and your dead meat 🍖 😂😂😂

“The board of 💀 ”

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