Tuesday: Sumo Deadlift High Pull

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The high pull is one of the level 1 basic moves. It’s a bit weird it ranks so high. Something “snatchy” about it, and you get totally exhausted doing multiple reps.

One of the rings was hanging all the way up under the ceiling. I told Henke he would win a cruise for two persons in the Caribbean if he could jump up and hang there with one arm 😜

17.1 attempts in the lifting room.

Jacks got it made. He’s got his own personal stretcher now 😜

The “Redbull girls” came to visit us😃 They come unannounced once in a while with sugar free Redbull. Just hands it out, smiles and leaves.

Makes us happy 😆

Henke did som funky stretching.

And … ohhhhh my God how close I got to loose that cruise 🚢 bet 🙈

The board :

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