Tuesday : Skam (Thierry POV)

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So we had Hard Core as warm up today.

You know the stuff that make your abs in fire in only 6 minutes.

Then the main course was Skam : 20 rounds of rowing and wall ball.

Short interval work as it was one round each with one working at a time. The idea is one is waiting behind while one row or pretend doing something like Mai Thi who is playing dead or László who is doing “air rowing”. There, Christian is throwing ball to the target while Harald is mentally preparing himself to row.

There, it’s Bjørnar.

The screen is not from his rower because he rows way faster : the average on his 500m is in negative.

For instance, today, he improved his time by something like almost 3 minutes. #ReadyFor18Point5

Team Mai Thi and Kjetil.

See someone walked on Mai Thi’s back : not very friendly. 😕

That’s me behind the wall checking what the big guys are doing.

That’s the big guys : Mats, Ove and Fredrik competing against each other.

They were pulling like beasts and making big noise. #YeahBabyThatsTheSpirit

Oh and that’s Mikus doing a 40 minutes EMOM at night.

Mikus has a family but he prefers CrossFit.

Hey, he is not number one at the Open by staying home in the sofa watching TV or reading stories to the kids. 🤭😂

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