Tuesday: Run DMC

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Hopefully nobody did this workout wearing Nike. That would just be wrong 🙈

Other than that I can just summarize that everything was normal today.

The comp gang doing comp gang stuff 👍🏻

Chona looking great as always even if the top was Nike 😜

The Bryggen prints are available at “Chona’s store ” by the way. Torshov sport. She will print them on what ever you like 👍🏻 Don’t have to pay for them. Chona will sell you some cool crossfit stuff anyways 😬

Henke pointing and talking about weird stuff.

Mia and Kari trying to figure out what a f ### is going on since they did not pay attention 😂

Boys training their butts

And the girls Benching

The tavle

Flere innlegg