Tuesday: “Road trip” (Variation)

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Whenever I change something at CrossFit Bryggen I do it because I think it’s best for “Bryggen”

If you think about it. Whatever is best for you , is automatically the best for me.

Now I have to spank you a little. Not because I like doing it 😃 It’s for your own good.

Look at this !!!!! Before I went to bed I talked with Stephanie. Seven (7) persons on the waitlist makes me feel bad. We decided that the WOD was simple enough to let everybody join. This morning only eleven (11) out of nineteen (19) attended. The rest booked of in the morning.

That’s bad !!! If I let the waitlist stand. Lots of people would not have joined the morning class. Nobody expects to make it when they go to bed nr 5-6-7 on the list.

Please stop that nonsense 😕

Trying to fix this problem we have decided to have a six (6) person max waitlist. After that it says “Full”

Here is how it looks to me, and you. Tomorrow the 20.00 class says “Full”. As you can see there are six on the waitlist.

Just so you know. We always know who is booked and who is on the waitlist. We know when you booked , and when you booked off. We also see when you are booked on multiple classes and at the same time are waitlisting others.



Sooooooo …. Please use the booking system for what it is. A way to make everything run smoothly at CrossFit Bryggen.

I love you all. Please behave. I have lots of restriction possibilities in the Mind Body Software. I’ll rather not use it.

The WOD was old school solid fun today. Loved it !

Heavy American Swings demands a hard hip thrust.

Picture of the board will appear tomorrow:)

Henke glemte ta bilde. Noen var grei å vasket tavlen før morgentimen til Stian.

Picture of the board 👍🏻

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