Tuesday : Paul Pena

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Paul Pena was an army captain who died in Afghanistan.

So CrossFit made a Hero Wod in his honor.

This one is pretty cool : high intensity intervals with 3 minutes breaks in between rounds.

Few reps but heavy on a 7 rounds workout.

The weather was great today so the run enjoyable.

Alright now let’s talk about something that seems obvious to me but apparently is not for all : where to put the weights back.


First picture you’re all good.



Second : someone didn’t get that the number on the wall was there for a reason.


Third : my favorite place.

Every single day I have to come there to put the kettlebells were they should be.

Light weights on top, heavier at the bottom.


Forth picture, same here : everyday I move the weights.

The small label is there for a reason as well : so we don’t end up having 2 piles of 20kg high enough to block the office window.


Please be smart.


Flere innlegg