Tuesday: “Kilpisjärvi”

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As usual the rowers was not placed correctly. Freshly brewed coffee makes you look past that.

More importantly:

I wrote on Facebook today that we need a break from the private wods going on in the -Strength and Conditioning room

What does it mean? Can’t we do wall balls and rowing in there anymore? Does it have to be quiet all the time? Only squats and presses is okey ????😱


It means: If you are a group of people doing something that makes it impossible for the rest to be there then you can’t do it right now cause we want to be there also and it’s been said that when “open” is over Bryggen will be great again.

Today lots of members did lots of weird stuff in there but no wods. It was great, again. 👻

Sooooo what is the rule ? When does 2-3 people working out qualify as “a wod ” ???

To figure that out you have to use the inside of your head.

Let’s say the room takes approximately 16 people doing whatever they like at any given time.

2-3 persons taking up more than 50% of the room is probably not good.

Anyways….. For five weeks 70% of the members have been really cool and patient 😎

I have asked you to act smart. Quiet down the music and wods for 9 days. Be tactically friendly and considerate.

If you don’t understand what I mean. Come talk to me, and we will figure it out.

Atle was part of the cruise tourist rescue operation 👍🏻

The gym is incredibly clean after Thierry’s return 🤩

Trying to get better at the hollow rock as part of the warm up.

Trying to escape the warm up after Henrik’s return 🤔


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