Tuesday : Jackie

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Last time we had Jackie was exactly day for day 6 months ago.

It’s good to have benchmarks coming back so to be able to judge our progression in fitness.

Of course for some of you it was the first time so now you have an idea and a time (keep it in mind).

Jackie is a cool workout : rowing, thrusters and pull ups.

Almost all of the “girls” have pull ups.

But this workout is great probably because of the thrusters.

The thruster is a complete movement which according to Rich Froning is the best we have in CrossFit.

“Rich who?”.

Yeah because you just arrived you might not know that we have the Open and then the Regionals (that might disappear) and the Games for Elite Athletes.

“What is he talking about?”.

You will find out this very soon and if you have questions just ask Thor-Håkon or Stian.


Yeah newbies…


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