Tuesday: “Helen” and secret of the blog!!!

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Every day I make the blog. I have no idea if anybody reads it, but the blog must go on:) 

First of all, the blog has some readers. Secondly; Most of the workouts you do have a name. If you Google “Helen CrossFit Bryggen”  … Wopsido !!!! All “Helen” workouts at Bryggen will list. You can check your score from last year. 

On top of that it’s nice to have pictures and comments from every day since the beginning of time. 

The Board from 2015 shows that Adam was two minutes faster in 2017. 

I also wanna mention Thor Haakon, Atle and Camilla. You all did a great job today. And Per 🙂 First time under 10. … and many others. Bryggen has a lot of really fit people. Animals walking around like normal people. 

The girls are lining up for Mr Soju 

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