Tuesday: Geilo

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I don’t have time for anything, can’t find any to have even a lunch for instance.

So much things to prepare, many projects for our gym.

And this is great.

I’ve been talking a lot with different persons about change.

It is in the air.

Probably because it’s the end of the year which makes people inevitably review the achievements of what happened and what is going to be next.

My feeling.

I’ve been checking the forecast for days looking for a good moment (a none raining day) to run and Yr f***ed me up!

I did the workout with Gabor after the morning class and he was ready to run in Greenland.

Mikus joined the morning class and ran topless by something like 0•C but he doesn’t feel pain.

The guy was able to do 265 DU on the first round.


Many new faces too these last days as we had an “utrolig” deal to start one month with us.

A bit challenging to explain to them everything and for them to get what we are doing.

Cross my fingers that they actually like what we do here and they decide to integrate our community.

For instance I had Emilie Haugland (the sister of Elin) telling me straight away “I need to beat my sister!” 😂

I told her “good luck with that!”.

I like this friendly competition, that makes people push a little harder, find this ressources they thought they wouldn’t have and yet they do better.


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