Tuesday: “Fortitude”

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It’s not often I say “I just love it 😍 AND hate it 😭

This workout is like that. It really tests your character.

Petronille just dying.

Ståle and Mia doing the burpees right even if there are plenty of reasons to give your self a break.

Magnus struggling in silence.

Decided to bike it since my lower back was suffering from yesterday. Made a bet with Hilde , that I off course lost 😂 But I’m happy. I could not have done one rep more.

When you are sitting at the “coffee table” waiting for your turn it’s like “I’m next up for slaughter” Crossfiters are Cool like that. Look at Karolina and Sanjana. They are more like: ” Ha ha … Im gonna try to kill my self soon. No problem. Looking forward to it ” 😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

After the workout we high five 🙌🏻

Not because we think we are cool and hip. We congratulate each other on a job well done. We did this together. Most of us could not have done it alone. Actually….. most people could not have done it at all 😜

Thanks to Susana for being awesome 🙌🏻

And Rajae 🙌🏻

You all got FORTITUDE;

When someone has fortitude it means that they have emotional power and the ability to withstand adversity. People who have fortitude are described in an admiring way for their courage.

Lots of love ❤️ from your coach that thinks you are the coolest people in the world 🌎

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