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A couple of years ago we had a discussion about classes for girls only. Some argued that girls preform better , and feel more confident, when they don’t have to be surrounded by monkey 🐒 boys.

I asked Lena: “What about weightlifting 🏋️ for girls?” She answered; “No , that’s stupid”

Today we had weightlifting for boys and girls with Robin Lee. Only girls in the class 😂😂😂

Since the wod was quite short, and everybody keeps bugging me about my short and boring warm ups, I decided to get “revenge” today. The warm up was tougher and longer than the wod 😜

Since squat snatch with 30 kg feels more like a light kB swing for Per, he blasted the wod today. I don’t think anybody can beat him in this wod. (But you are all welcome to try) Mikus did. He gave up after 1 round, and had to spend the next 15 minutes listening to Per talking about how he did it 😆

The board (and my fantastic warmup) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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