Tuesday : CrossFit HQ 180512

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One of the movements of the day was something we usually don’t practice.

Of course Jokkis said that “it’s boring” 😂

Well it looked like it but at the end of the workout people told me they were done!

Either you legs or your lower back was sore.

Remember that we have to make our workouts constantly varied.

And all of a sudden Bergen decided to have a summer rain storm.

Like we are on the Mediterranean Sea or somewhere else more tropical even.

Like everything is possible.

And then the sun shone and the air was really hot again.

As a warm up I decided we would play the “abmat pizza game” 🍕

I love the look that Björn gives to Vilde something like “don’t come closer to me!” 😆

Great way to get in temperature and run around.

In the Weightlifting Class they have other games 🤠

Oh and by the way 🇫🇷 won the World Cup.


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