Tuesday : Bubble Shooter Team 2

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The gym is quiet.

I don’t know if it’s because of the wod, the freezing weather or because people need to rest.

The legend says that in China, men with sexual impotence caress theirs genitals with pictures of Gabor to solve their problem. 🍆🔥😎

Always feels a little strange when there aren’t 30 persons at the same time around here… but at least Stian was training! 💪🏻

Today’s workout was one of the Bryggen Classics with every movement with Medicine Ball in Team 2.

The tricky movement was the Medicine Ball Squat Clean that we practiced during the warm up.

The heaviest one : most probably the push ups on the ball.

And the funniest one : definitely the Throw between the lines with burpees penalty if you dropped the ball!

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