Tuesday: A present 🎁 from Ove

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Ove Hordnes usually makes up some weightlifting 🏋️ stuff for us on Tuesdays. But not this time. Today 12 persons had to row for 50 minutes, using only 10 rowers. That’s not possible we said. “So when are you going to use the bikes?” Ove does not follow the rules. He does not care if the wod is not exactly the same for everybody. We are here to train. That’s it, and that’s that. Today’s wod was great. We used the rowers and the bikes. Some used both. We all got very very tired. The scoring was a bit difficult to track just to emphasize that training is important in itself.

Helle and Ole decided to have some running competitions. They had good fun winning the race every other sprint.

If you don’t understand the board; – We all worked out hard for almost one hour 😜

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