Tuesday: 500 Swing

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So often I say : Dan John bla bla bla bla bla. Nobody cares. That’s fine. Don’t read any of his books and let me sound like a genius.

Ps : “Never let go” is just great 👍🏻

500 swings will teach you a lesson or two. If not , at least you got stronger.

Monica never read the book. She thinks I’m a genius 😂😂😂

Here she is deadlifting with overhand grip. Monica never bitches about the pull-up bars being to thick or to slick or … Just shut up 🤐

Swinging makes you happy 😆

Look at this !!!!!

They are friends now !!! 😳 What about meeee ???? 😭😭😭

Arnold ❤️

Flere innlegg