Torsdag : There is no free lunch 🥗

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Yes, it is … I have prof 😀

The got of work early and “Tyggen” from the local store said he had soup for me. (He is trying to make soup great again, so he makes lots of soup once a week.) Me and Jack are VIP soup people.

Soooo I was eating my soup then my phone called. It was the guy who took second place in Farmen 2004. I got 1.000.000kr he got nothing 😳 He never calls me … but today he did. “Hey I left two boxes with assorted wine for you at Hotell Terminus. I’m on my way to Oslo now. Bye ”

Great ….

Not so great. Harald had his last day at Bryggen today 😭😭😭 It’s sad when the kids grow up and move out. We tried to take a cool picture, but it’s hopeless 😆

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