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It’s Christmas ❤️

Everybody books off the last minute just totally Christmas presents panic.

Chiara and me had a nice one to one class 💛 Then Robo Cop came. She said “I can do it just for fun before the Kettlebell Class” 😱

I must say Chiara impressed a lot. She kept up with the animal most of the time. Got just a little tired i bakbeina during the last step ups 😅

Then we had KB with Henrik. Good times as always 👏🏻👏🏻

Sneak photo of the comp gang

Then in the middle of all of this Martine dropped a 40 Kg Kettlebell on her toe !!!!!! From the shoulder and straight down on the big toe 😱😱😱😱

Dush, being a nurse, helped her. He wanted me to take her to Legevakten. Martine said “no. I’ll be fine “. It was only 40 kg. LOL 😂

Anyways … I took Martine to Legevakten. Her toe was broken. She will be fine 💛

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