Tirsdag : WOD part 1 and 2

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Why do wods have names ?

Det er mange svar på dette. Ett av de er ; Ellers er de umulig å huske igjen.

So if you like a workout a lot. Then you try to explain ; “I mean the one with Wall Balls and Burpees, two or three rounds, with some rowing in it also” “We did it like 2-3 months ago”

Da kan jeg bare personlig si : “Ehhhhh jeg veit a fa##, er du sikker på jeg var der den dagen ? – Høres kjent ut men litt usikker. Skal vi Google wallballs og burpees ?

Anyways … today we did WOD part 2 , it will disappear in the sea of forgotten wods 4 ever 😂

Today we talked about the deadlift. The hip hinge is the key. Here is a picture of a deadlift performed in a wod. When your deadlift looks liked this on a random picture out of 60 deadlifts , THEN you are the perfect human being 😜

CrossFit is one size fits all, but it’s also about scaling and changing up movements. Any lift or movement can be changed if a person is new, injured or whatever. Bettine could not to thrusters and deadlifts. That’s funny when that’s the whole workout besides double unders.

Soooo change a pull for a pull ..

And a press with a press !!! Wooooooops … We had a great wod 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Kettlebell with Henrik was like ballett i dag. Se på disse to svanene i perfekt harmoni 🦢🦢

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