Tirsdag: «Høvdingen» (The chief)

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Dagens økt er superpopulær. Den ser liksom ikke spesielt tøff ut på papiret, men …… det blir den fort. Det ene minuttet og drømmen om god score lager sus i serken.

“Egget” er inne i en seriøs “bli bedre på de små tingene” periode. What this is good for nobody knows. (Maybe Lazlo. He was talking with the embryo a lot)

The fresh meat department impressed a lot today. She might not be to happy about this picture, but her Rx lifting was great 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

6 push ups might not seam like a lot. But they get to you after some rounds.

I tried to be strict regarding the squats today. Had to film members to make them realize that they where not as deep in reality, just in their head 😂😂😂

Since we did 300 squats yesterday and 200 more today, I figured “Bring sally up” would be a suitable warm up 😬


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