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Woke up to early, by accident, and decided to join Stephanie’s 10.00 class. Never again. She is the devil in hot-pants.

“You don’t get stronger looking at the bar” is not funny anymore. Maybe it never was, but fucking hell ! She was torturing us 😫 Nobody was allowed to let go of the bar for 20 minutes. She talked and talked then ordered us to do 5 this and five that. My hands where totally destroyed😱

So I’m in the office thinking 🤔 Im gonna make them suffer like I did. Not realizing that meant me having to do it three times over 🤥 I warned my first class about blisters and amputation. They panicked and Tora started a taping workshop.

Rina had her first crossfit class ever today. She was a bit worried, but here she is lifting like a champion 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Or maybe not 😆 Depends. She had her moments 👍🏻 This is not one of them 🙈

Welcome to “Bryggen” 💛

12 min EMOM more weights each round demands planning. I said “get plates that’s gives you lots of possibilities” Not: “Get all the weights” @Camilla 😂😂😂


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