Thursday: Welcome to CrossFit Bryggen Party 🎉

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The first of April 2011 we opened the doors at CrossFit Bryggen. Since that date is “a joke” we decided to pretend it was the 2 of April 😂

Anyways …. we celebrate Bryggen’s birthday every year in April.

I have booked “Nøstebodene” Monday the 30 of April. Tuesday the first of May is a red day , so it’s gonna work out great 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Today we had squat snatch. I’m not very good at the Olympic lifts. That is ; I’m quite okey at explaining the beginners what to do. But if you are an intermediate lifter, well then I’m blank. Ask Per 😜

The board ;

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