Thursday : Team Jerry

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When you work for CF Bryggen it’s in your mind almost 24/7. Snorre said it right.

First thing in the morning to the last at night we do/check something about this place. I wake up and check the mails and before sleeping have a look at the booking for the next day.

You probably don’t understand or think that we are insane. Probably yes.

Tuesday night, while I was giving myself an hour of break to watch something on Netflix, Snorre sent me a message saying that the journalists were coming and we had to change the program to have a “pictural wod”.

Everything we plan is thought, long in advance, made as coherent as possible, so not to work too much of something or less of something else and in order to make us becoming better in every possible way.

And then an emergency wod is needed.

It’s one in the morning and I want to sleep but I’m looking for a something else which was finally canceled the next day when Snorre said he doesn’t want to see the journalists anymore!

Back to the original plan : Jerry, Hero Wod, that we decided to have as team 2.

As a team it became an interval training. A Sprint-Rest workout. Run & Row. No weight. Exhausted after (during) it but no stiffness. Pure conditioning.

Few likes to run (especially now!) but we have to. So I’m always a little afraid about people’s reactions but they were happy. Almost everybody booked at the classes did it the way it was supposed to be done. Smiling afterwards and saying “it was a cool workout!”.

Cool day but long day.

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