Thursday: Team “Jerry”

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So I’m gonna make the blog now. I have already edited the pictures but not decided what to write. Could be anything 😜

All the cruise 🚢 ships are gone. But tomorrow they will be back 😫 If I’m out of luck is gonna be the German “Aida”. Cheap cruise for cheap Germans. They usually have a loud show on deck. So loud I can’t hear my self think in “Graven” 😳

I dislike this type of tourism a lot. It’s the lowest form of traveling. Brain dead and polluting.

We did the workout outside today. It was HOT !

After we did “Hard Core” belly torture. Bettine almost died. She is in the army now. The army makes crossfiters soft 🤮

The comp gang tried to be cool and swim after class. It’s to late to be cool now. The water is warm. But Stian looked cool on the picture , so I’ll let it slide.

The board :

Flere innlegg