Thursday: Row Intervals

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Thursday’s are buzy. The wods are going all day. Henke has a Kettlebell class , and you can also do Olympic Weightlifting 🏋🏿‍♀️. I did actually, for the first time ever. Just like Glen Mills trained Jamaica 🇯🇲, I can teach you the weightlifting basics without being able to do much myself 👍🏻

Marcus was helpful enough to send me a picture of all the muscles involved in a jerk 😂 In Latin that is.

Trainers and trainees are not doctors. We don’t need to communicate with another around the world in a common bulletproof language. It’s much better if you name the parts you are talking about so the person you are talking to actually understands what you are saying. When I go to a therapist and they start talking Latin to me, I know they are crap. They just try to hide the fact that they are incompetent. Idrettshøgskolen did the same when I studied. Made us remember all the bones and muscles in Latin, then gave us a multiple choice test afterwards. Made us feel important. Good for the school that made shitloads of money teaching us nothing in groups of 100 or more.

When you row, you use all the muscles in your body. The Concept2 rower is claimed to be the best “all in one ” training equipment in the world. Giving both strength and cardio. Why is that bullshit ?

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