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Lets talk about crossfit sportsmanship.

What makes crossfit fun ? Why does it make us work out harder than we normally would ?

Here are two examples.

Christian running in the rain like a boss. No complaints cause that’s how we roll 🙂

Finished long before the others but stayed in the room helping Gunn fight trough the overhead squats 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

So we treat Fitness as a sport. We go all inn no matter what and help each other over the finish line. Not once a year. Every day.

Then we have friendship with friendly competition. Lee and Li trying to beat each other the first kcal Row. Just for fun. Laughing when they realized it ended up a tie 😆

Ohh …. I forgot.

And the trainers !

When Roland realized that many had trouble understanding the wod , he took time writing the board over again.

“Now even small children can understand it” 😂

Roland knows that the devil is in the details. Lots of frustration can be avoided just presenting things the right way.

Snorre had Kettlebell with Henke. It was okey. Not like the real thing but they got to swing their bells 🔔

The comp gang had a light workout today compared to the normal WOD 😜 More like “Bring a friend” 😅

Flere innlegg