Thursday: “Family feud”

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6 years ago I had all the classes at Bryggen every day. Today Stephanie had the morning class. Sofie took early afternoon followed by Gabor. Then Per and Henrik with Olympic Weightlifting 🏋️‍♀️, Kettlebell and Competition Class. Last WOD was held by Dush

My job was to clean the floor and take the trash 😎

Martine celebrated her birthday 🎂She is our youngest member. 10 candles on her cake today 👏🏻

Some look smashing after the workout

Some just looks smashed

The board

Ohhh … tomorrow Sofie will have the first WOD at 06.30.

(We will add more early classes)

Then she will fill up the vending machine. We had to get instructions from Thierry cause I don’t know what goes where 😂

Flere innlegg