Thursday : Everyday is leg day

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So let start by a bad news : our amazing* vending machine is officially dead.

So you can look at the nice stuff inside and cry not getting anything.

Should be fixed within the week or in 14 days at max … if nothing happen then just wait for like ever.

But you know patience bla-bla-bla…

The workout today was challenging on the legs.

So its name hashtag logic.

In the highlights of the day we had a visitor from Greenland named Taatsiannguaq!

Hadn’t much time to talk to him unfortunately and regret it now.

Not sure if there an affiliate in Greenland 🇬🇱

Just checked yes there is one in Nuuk : CrossFit Inua.

Must be something to train there!

Before the acid lactic metcon made by Gabor we had a bit of practice handstand push ups or the possible scales.

Important to get stronger in the shoulders in what we do.

Weightlifting Class with Per and his Comp Class were pretty busy so like the Kettlebell Class.

By the way Per will have a Weightlifting Course for beginners Saturday 08/09 12-15.

After taking that course you will be able to attend his classes and become champions or at least better human beings.

I’ll program the course soon.


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