Thursday: Clean and Jerk

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I like the clean. I like teaching it to beginners. I’m good at that. I like the jerk. The split I can’t really say I know much about. But I understand the jerk part. Soooo I teach it to classes. But when I see Ove “work the room” with short messages that makes things better for each individual, I realize how little I know. And how much I can learn from just being in the same room as Ove. Great day! Snorre and Thierry show all day. Snorre and Ove show all night 👏🏻

Visitor from CrossFit Christiania. His name is Vili Vunasau-Naivalu ! How about that 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👻

Ove-show in the weightlifting room.

Fun to see Ove struggle with the squat racks him and Runar made maaany years ago. Most hard core and dangerous racks ever !!!! 😂😂

I subbed for Henrik at the Kettlebell class today. Gave me the opportunity to be old school Snorre 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Heavy and boring 😆 I like boring hard work. Being a good coach is not a popularity contest. (If it is, you are working the floor at some place that gives you money per attendees. Which forces you to give people what they like. Not what they need.)

Boring heavy work really pays off. Just focus on the simple movements and become a f##ing animal. Its boring so what ? If you are never bored , you don’t know when it’s fun either, plus you become an animal. Animals are cool 😎

Lunges , swings and squats. What more do you need ? Ask your body the day after tomorrow, and it will give you the answer. (Maybe it will answer; “Bench press”🤪)

Ps : The new benches are called “flat benches”. They are flat, and you are supposed to lay flat. If they are inclined or you stand horizontally on them, they will brake. Just remember the word flat 👍🏻

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