Thursday : Cardio «Shadow»

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Denne uken har jeg fått hjelp av Gabor , Roland og Stian. De har få timer så overskuddet til å lage nye oppvarminger og god stemning er merkbar. Gabors “Hungarian warm up” was great!

The whole day girls where jumping up and down smacking their butt 😜 – Thanks Gabor 🙏🏻

Camilla has been a member since she came out of the egg. We are friends now so I gave her a present 🎁 for her 21 birthday. Why ? …, I just felt like it.

I knew Tina (She was in the morning class) and Chona (She knows everything) would get jealous.. so I got them something also 😂😂😂

Had to put on the socks 🧦 (Yes , old people drink 🍹 coffe baileys and CNN in the morning, from a Ditlef Exodus cup)

I make random teams as often a I can. I like the “waive dynamic” it creates. And the feeling of killing or get killed for the members participating.

Jack felt he had the upper hand for a brief moment 😎

But it did not last long 😝

Weightlifting with Per and KB with Henrik are smash hits at this gym. Makes me happy 😃

The 19.5 is out 🥴🤢🤮🤐😵🤥😱

It’s like …. Hell 😈

Remember; Me and Stian will try to organize this Friday so everybody gets a chance.

Don’t think that you can make your own plans in the “egentrening room” If you are in the open. Stand in line with the rest of us during classes.

If you are among the 200 members that just want to do your squats and presses and don’t give a shit about the open… I’m sorry. Try to get some space and remember. We will stop being idiots on Monday 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👻

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